Saturday, 1 March 2008

In solitude

I enjoy being alone. Once a while. For a time.
Being a working mother means no time. Or rather, its always about "its time for my daughter to wake up" "time for her bus" "time for me to leave for work" "time to send off that proposal" "time to leave office". time time time. and yet no time.
This weekend my husband was out of town. Oh the bliss of being alone with just my daughter. Just alone for 48 hours. Long enough to completely relax over the weekend. Short enough to not be bored out of my skull (yes I miss my husband quite fast!).
For me solitude means being alone within the 4 walls of my home. For the entire stretch of weekdays that I barely spend at home, staring at the 4 walls of my home over the weekend is rejuvenating for me. Solitude also means being able to do what I want. Having the family around doesn't always allow for the I. So this weekend I watched a movie that I liked, cooked, surfed, took care of home... in my time and in my way. Solitude allows me to think, ponder, be quiet...
I am thankful for these opportunities for solitude. For not happening too often and then again, for happening at all.
I have another 24 hours of this wonderful solitude. I know at the end of it I will be renewed and refreshed. Here's to aloneness....!