Wednesday, 28 April 2010

When Moonshine bid me come

Moonshine has succeeded in breaking my silence here. Whose heart wouldn't melt if they were tagged in a friend's blog, twice in two weeks? How clearer a plea can that be for me to write?

Not that anyone asked, but for the sake of being open & clear I'd like to explain why I was missing. A combination of 1st Std exams to face (my daughter D's), a busy (yet prayerful) time at Easter & several weekends spent trying to clear the backlog of household chores. In between that 'mildly obsessive' need to keep the house clean, I also took a very short break (48 hours) with the family.I am back & my intent is to write regularly. But no promises - sadly I do not write with the discipline that Bertrand Russell prescibes. My writing takes place when heart, body & mind come together - more easily interpreted as writing when I am calm, when I have time & the words come to me.