Wednesday, 28 April 2010

When Moonshine bid me come

Moonshine has succeeded in breaking my silence here. Whose heart wouldn't melt if they were tagged in a friend's blog, twice in two weeks? How clearer a plea can that be for me to write?

Not that anyone asked, but for the sake of being open & clear I'd like to explain why I was missing. A combination of 1st Std exams to face (my daughter D's), a busy (yet prayerful) time at Easter & several weekends spent trying to clear the backlog of household chores. In between that 'mildly obsessive' need to keep the house clean, I also took a very short break (48 hours) with the family.I am back & my intent is to write regularly. But no promises - sadly I do not write with the discipline that Bertrand Russell prescibes. My writing takes place when heart, body & mind come together - more easily interpreted as writing when I am calm, when I have time & the words come to me.


Moonshine said...

Hey no thanks to me!!!! You felt like writing and here you are :) Words will come when you write!!! For some reason your previous post did not show on my blog!!! Just read that too... you know something... blogging will make you feel you have that personal , private space that no one can intrude on!!! Happy writing :) Am happy that you posted!!!

Scarlett said...

Hi Sunila,

Just letting you know I've blogrolled you. Please blog more often :)